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Our Chief Doctors

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Dr. Rajeev Kumar Varshney, M.S.,(Surgery),DA(Anaesthesiology)

+91 8941095370

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Dr. Sunil Mittal, M.D. (Radiology),D.Orth.

+91 9997099915

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Dr. Sanjiv kumar, M.D,(Paediatrics)

+91 8941095365

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Dr.Uma Shankar, M.D.,(Pathology)

+91 8941095348



Our Specialists

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Dr.Amita Mittal, (D.Card.)

+91 8755461020

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Dr. Alpana Varshney, M.D.,Obs & Gynecology

+91 8941095371


Physicians List

Doctors Name Code Department Extension Number Appointment
Dr. Sanjeev Sharma S005 Neurology +91 8941095341 Fix Appointment
Dr. Sanjiv kumar S002 Paediatrics +91 8941095365 Fix Appointment
Dr.Ranjan Mohan Sharma S003 Orthopedics +91 8941095368 Fix Appointment
Dr.Amita Mittal S014 Cardiology +91 8755461020 Fix Appointment
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Varshney 3687 Gen Surgery +91 8941095370 Fix Appointment
Dr. Alpana Varshney 3687 Gynecology +91 8941095371 Fix Appointment
Dr. Soma Singh 3687 Infertility +91 8941095342 Fix Appointment
Dr. Vineet Chauhan 3687 Gastroenterology +91 8941095343 Fix Appointment
Dr.Anita Singhal 3687 Optholmology +91 8941095341 Fix Appointment
Dr. Atul Singhal 3687 Physician +91 8941095363 Fix Appointment
Dr. Y.P.S. Rana 3687 Urology +91 8941095342 Fix Appointment
Dr. Anil Jain 3687 Urology +91 8941095343 Fix Appointment
Dr. Anshul Gupta 3687 Paediatrics Oncology +91 8941095341 Fix Appointment
Dr. Anuj Kumar Maheshwari 3687 Physiotherapy +91 9411489211 Fix Appointment

Through Best Doctors, medical experts and treating physicians are working together in an innovative new way to ensure that patients make the right decisions and receive the right care. Simply put, we are reinventing right together.

Clinically and academically accomplished

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled standard of healthcare through our patient-focused,