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Specialised Services based on contemporary medical technology are offered in service area including

  1. Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures in Gastroenterology.

  2. Exclusive Facilities for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of small and large intestines and obscure G.I. Bleeding by Double Balloon Enteroscopy

  3. Diagnostic (ERCP) and therapeutic Hepatobilliary intervention (Including stone extraction, stenting etc.)

  4. Key hole abdominal surgery (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy etc.)

  5. Harmonic Scalpel Surgery.

  6. Total arthroplastic (Knee, Hip and Elbow) procedures

  7. Diagnostic and Therapeutic arthroscopies.

  8. Hemodialysis

  9. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Laparoscopic surgery in Urology and Gynaecology.

  10. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

  11. Advanced Hematology.

  12. Medical Oncology and Chemotherapy.

  13. PCR lab for early detection of infective diseases.

  14. Nutrition and Dietetic Services.