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Oncology, at its most basic level, involves the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The word Oncology comes from the Greek word meaning “mass” or “bulk,” referring to tumors. A doctor who specializes in Oncology is called an Oncologist. Oncology involves a huge range of study. Since cancer can occur in so many of the body’s systems, many doctors choose to specialize in a particular branch of it, such as bone cancer or blood diseases. Some doctors specialize in chemotherapy treatments, while others focus on radiation therapy.

Oncology has come a long way since early surgeons were able only to excise tumors with the most primitive means. It has leaped forward even in the past 25 years or so, with huge improvements in prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Doctors agree that early detection, if not prevention, is the best way to deal with cancer, and Oncology also covers this facet of medicine.

Chemotherapy and Surgery for Cancer patients are available by expert Oncologists at RUSA.