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Neurological_PhysiotherapyNeurological Physiotherapy : This Therapy helps in alleviating pain, muscle re-education, reducing spasticity and improving over-all functional independence.


Orthopedics_PhysiotherapyOrthopedics Physiotherapy :

The orthopedic combination therapy of RUSA primarily reduces pain and inflammation thereby increasing joint range of motion and ultimately with good strengthening program the activities of basic daily living are restored.


Sports_PhysiotherapySports Physiotherapy :

We provide prompt onsite first aid, apt diagnosis and treatment of injuries with advanced technology. RUSA ensures awareness of preventive measures for injury among sportsmen and a customized fitness program for an individual training.


Gynaecology Physiotherapy :

With the pre school culture being so rampant, we at RUSA believe that the real care of baby begins in the womb. With advanced ante natal and post natal programme, we make sure every mother is treated in a special way and thereby enhance her motherhood experience.


Cardio Physiotherapy :

With the importance for healthy and fit life gaining momentum and an increasing number of people are becoming “fitness-conscious”. RUSA has got a specialized and ethical fat loss program for weight loss in obesity cases.-a 100% safe and medically formulated programme.


Paediatric Physiotherapy : The overall goal of treatment or management in paediatric conditions is to involve stimulating activities which contribute to mental, physical, emotional, language and social development. In order to reach this goal, RUSA , ensures quality treatment in Paediatric patients such as Spastic children.


Lifestyle Conditions : We work as a team to modify the patient’s lifestyle through various exercises, aerobic conditioning program, Yoga, Treadmill and high end drills. Life style conditions like obesity, diabetes mellitus are treated with latest high end equipments and customised exercise regime.


Post Surgical Physiotherapy :Degenerative joint disease is becoming one of the major causes for pain and immobility. RUSA treats all the post surgical conditions in a very specialized and detailed manner for complete rehabilitation of the patient. We use all the FDA approved equipments along with the customized exercise regime for making the patient functionally independent.